Dr Simon Pridgeon

Originally from the United Kingdom, Dr Simon Pridgeon completed his initial medical training at the University of Edinburgh, prior to being awarded his PhD in Molecular Cancer Pharmacology from Newcastle University’s Northern Institute for Cancer Research. In 2014, he enthusiastically took the opportunity to participate in a Fellowship program in Australia which enabled him to complete specialist training in laparoscopic kidney surgery. Now located in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Dr Pridgeon is an Urologist at Cairns Hospital and is partnering with Dr Garrath Evans, Dr Stefan Antoniou and Dr Philip Smith of Northern Urology to conduct specialist surgeries.

As a Urologist at Cairns Hospital, Dr Pridgeon covers all aspects of specialist urology practice including the identification, treatment and after care of patients presenting with conditions such as issues involving the kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra, as well as the male reproductive organs including the prostate. Highly experienced across all of these areas, Dr Pridgeon provides both medical treatments and surgical interventions as required to achieve the best outcomes for patients.

Dr Pridgeon’s special interest is in the identification and treatment of kidney cancer which is highly virulent and can spread quickly if not identified and treated in an expeditious manner. The only curative treatment for kidney cancer is the removal of the diseased kidney so Dr Pridgeon therefore regularly conducts laparoscopic nephrectomy surgeries to achieve the best prognosis for his patients.

Dr Pridgeon is associated with James Cook University where he takes a keen interest in lecturing medical students and participating in research and he also maintains a link with the University of Queensland as an Associate Lecturer.