Dr Stefan Antoniou

Trained in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America, Dr Antoniou is passionate about providing his patients with expert urological diagnoses, treatment, support, and advice. Initially training as a general surgeon, Dr Antoniou shifted his focus part way through his training as he became captivated with the variety of conditions encompassed within the world of urology. Another motivator was the cutting-edge research in the field, which was continuously discovering new, less invasive treatment methods that were achieving continuous improvements in outcomes for patients.

Dr Antoniou specialises in men’s urological health, specifically in the areas of incontinence, erectile dysfunction, prostate issues, and pelvic cancer. Always striving to provide treatment solutions that will provide the best outcomes for his patients, Dr Antoniou is expertly trained and experienced in the field of robotic surgery, he performs in Cairns, ensuring his patients receive the continuity of care they require to achieve the best outcomes.